Employee development training is crucial to the long-term success of any company. Implementing programs designed to assist employees in keeping up with and utilizing technology is part of any sound employee training program. It is also important that employers identify those employees who have the potential to grow within the company and develop them to fill critical roles that are sure to become open in the future.

However, it is one thing to realize that employee training is vital and quite another to find the time to develop a fully comprehensive training program into an already busy schedule. The many daily challenges of running a successful business often get in the way of implementing a well-rounded employee training program. In light of this, it is becoming more common for employers to combine traditional instructor-led training with online learning. This type of combined training program is referred to as blended learning or hybrid learning and it is proving to be both time saving and cost-effective.

Most companies today, in their goal to get ahead of their competitors are finding it hard to schedule employees to attend training courses during the work day. This is resulting in many turning to more flexible solutions such as blended employee training programs. Blended training programs are indeed very flexible in nature. In the majority of cases employers are choosing to start employee training programs with a face-to-face approach and then have their employees move on to more advanced training done on company computers.

The benefits of making use of this combined type of training are many. Combining live instruction with online instruction guarantees that employees receive the most up-to-date instructional technology coupled with the effective benefits of instructor-led training. The online portion of the training is very flexible as employees can learn from any location and at any time. This eliminates the need for travel and it also allows employees to complete their training assignments when they are able to. Therefore a business’s productivity is not affected which is very effective in today’s highly competitive business world.

There are many employee training companies today that provide learning management systems which feature combined or blended training. These systems can be customized so that they completely suit a particular company’s training requirements. Offering employees the chance to learn and grow through the use of an innovative and flexible training approach results in higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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