Sales managers, to fully reach their potential and have their subordinates’ potential reached, they must implement lots of methods. Some of these, for many sales / business development managers are very hard and require much focus, a lot learning and even more teaching.

Below, you will find a few tactical implementations that the best sales managers implement.

Care About Those Under Them

People in the professional world are mature and can sense if a manager cares about them or is just in the game for personal gain whether this self-interest take the form of professional recognition or monetary reward. Essentially, in management, try to hide an ace up your sleeve, care only about your agenda and the camera and, subsequent security in Vegas is going to be asking questions.

Conversely, good business development managers care and, through this caring, get the same caring and transparency back from their subordinates. Only at the point of full transparency and trust, can a manager learn the true strengths, likes, dislikes and problems of each sales employee. Once this is gained, there is a huge advantage over the competition and the sky becomes the limit.

Something to think about – Sometimes a card on a birthday that is well written, means more to a sales representative (or any employee for that matter) than $500.

Positive Reinforcement and Constructive Criticism

Leaders (term Welch coins for inspirational managers) consistently give positive reinforcement and make the sales team feel good about themselves. Also, the good sales manager actively points out (though, not embarrassingly – with constructive criticism) and fixes the poorly executed actions of those under them and holds that person, or themselves accountable.

Differentiation – The Best Welch Theory

I cannot pretend to own this theory as Jack Welch, in his book, Winning, clearly defines the term and explains what it means and how to implement the theory. On a side note, if only I sold books.

The only problem with following a manual is that, as a manager of highly competent people, when emotions come into play, it is easier on paper. However, one must stick by these theories as long as they tailor them accordingly. They work.

What does differentiation mean?

- Differentiation refers to the favoritism of the employees that word hard and clearly rewarding them as opposed to the sales representatives that scoot out the door at 5:01.

- Then, the theory goes into how differentiation justifies the firing of the lacking employees because it is hard to have negativity around an office and, by doing so, you are hurting those who are growing and trying hard.

Why is differentiation so important?

- It gives the sales team something to aim for. This is the ability to have a voice within the company and feel important.

- Since one bad egg can spoil an entire sales force, this separation and cleaning of the “excess,” creates a more positive environment. A sales manager cannot tolerate anything short of the attempt for perfection of his or her employees. Please notice the word attempt as nobody can gain perfection, but some get closer than others.

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