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James Bond fanatics check out this latest gadget, a Secret Agent Camcorder Pen. A very cool gadget for your spying frenzies that comes with 4GB of storage and can record video files with audio at a resolution of 680X480. It has the capability of transferring your files to PC via USB. If you are going to be stalking the hottest chick in your neighborhood, then youd probably be interested in buying this gadget. Just act like a geek and record videos and take some spy photos. Although I am not recommending you to do this things, but what’s the use of buying this spy gadget if not intended for spying.
– Tiny size makes it ideal to use at any place any time.
– Real time recording in AVI video format
– Color video with voice lets you clearly see who is there & hear what they say.
– Place it up high or conceal it down low.
– Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery so there is no long cord to hide.
– Internal memory: 4GB record up to 5hrs
– Playback video/video on PC or any media compatible for AVI format
– Can be used as USB Flash memory stick

Camera Technical Parameters:
-Video compression : AVI video format,640×480 resolutions
-25FPS (Frames Per Seconds)
-Voice recording: Yes
-Internal memory: 4 GB Flash
-Video file size; >500KB per min
-Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
-Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
-Battery type : Lithium-ion
-Record time : up to 5hrs
-Battery use time : about 2hrs


1. Record video masa anda meeting, taklimat biz, kuliah, ceramah agama, ceramah politik dll. Tak payah tulis-tulis atau ambik note.
2. Ambil video secara spontan sebab pen pintar ni kecik, so anda boleh bawa ke mana-mana. Boleh rakam mcm-mcm aksi spontan tuu!
3. Boleh dijadikan PENDRIVE, boleh simpan data sebesar 4GB/8GB.
4. Boleh snap gambar !!!
5. Boleh buat menulis..Tulis apa-apa je laa..
6. Data boleh ditransfer dari PC viseversa, pastu boleh tengok video yang anda rakam kat PC/LAPTOP.


1. Kecik dan mudah dibawa
2. Rakaman video dengan gambar
3. Bercolour dalam bentuk AVI
4. Built in lithium battery
5. Internal Memori 4GB/8GB

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